We offer a broad range of services within a 30 mile radius of  Columbus, Ohio. We are bonded and insured and believe this is ESSENTIAL for professional and responsible pet sitters; someone to whom you’re giving the key to your home/your alarm code and someone that you are trusting to take good care of your family member while you are away. 

We offer transportation services for veterinarian, grooming, and community outings.

Also, did you lock yourself out? If we keep your key in our lock box, we can come and let you in for a small fee; less than a locksmith!  However, if it is after 9pm and before 9am, cost will double; possibly still less than a locksmith! Please call for this service, perhaps repeatedly, as we may be sleeping!

Meet and Greet: We require an in person meeting before adding and assigning reservation requests to the schedule. You will be charged $20 for the meet and greet, which will then be applied as a credit to your pet sit reservation total. 

Staying overnight at your house, caring for your pets and house sitting: $135/night. We arrive anywhere from 5pm-7pm and depart anywhere from 7am-9am, depending on other pet sit reservations. While staying at your house, there is continuous GPS tracking of your sitter. Overnight pricing includes 4 pets, each additional pet is $10. This service also includes one well timed midday visit without additional charge. A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve overnight services.

Very Important Pet (VIP) 24/7 Pet Nanny Package: Does your pet need someone around almost all the time? Are you worried about your house being occupied and taken care of? If so, this is the package for you. A pet sitting Nanny will be scheduled for around the clock care, to be provided in your home. The Nanny will be permitted to take 2 well timed two hour breaks, or 1 three hour break. Your pets will have at least 20 hours/day of care and you will receive at least 2 sets of updates and photos per day, more if requested.  This reservation requires at least two weeks notice as well as a 50% nonrefundable deposit as we will be rearranging schedules to provide 24/7 care to your pet exclusively. Pricing starts at $299 and will vary based on sitting details.

Drop-In Visits:

Pet sitting in the comfort of your home- fresh water, feed, bathroom break, love and play for your pet (with house check services included): GPS check in/out, note with photos sent each visit, 25-30 minute visit, $25 (up to 2 pets Included – additional pets $5 each) 

  • Cat Care, $25/visit (includes up to 2 cats):  fresh food and water, litter box cleaning, love and play. 25-30 minutes. We do not do every other day cat visits, only every day for your cat’s health and safety. Each additional animal beyond 2, $5.
  • Dog care/walks: 25-30 min- $25. All walks have add on fee of $5 per additional dog if more than one. We require at least 3 visits/day for dogs when vacation services are requested.
  • Check in on on other pet (fish, bird, reptile, rabbit, etc)  $25/visit (includes up to 2 pets, situation dependent): fresh water, feed, bathroom break, love and play, as appropriate. 25-30 minutes usually spent.

One hour and one hour+ visits are available, please see our scheduling portal for rates.

House check, $25/visit: includes any requested tasks such as bringing in mail/packages, watering plants, opening/closing blinds, turning on/off lights, vacuuming and straightening up for real estate showings if trying to sell, etc. Tasks not to exceed more than 30 minutes.

Quick potty break/potty training OR litter box clean, 10-15 minutes, $17.50/visit (includes 2 cats or 1 dog). Sometimes we just need someone to pop in and make sure the dogs won’t be crossing their legs and crying by the time we get home late from work! Additional pet, $5/visit. This is *not* a substitute for regular AM/PM feed/water/bathroom/ play/medication visits that your pets need if you are traveling. Sometimes people who have limited mobility or women who are pregnant are unable to clean the litter box and we will be happy to do this for you as a quick pop in visit!


15 minute walk: $17.50

25-30 minute walk: $25

45 minute walk: $32

1 hour walk: $39

Additional dog $5 and up, depending on size and demeanor.

Holidays have an add on fee per visit and span the entire long weekends, Friday through Monday. 

Holidays include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Indigenous People/Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving Day. 

Our scheduling portal has a detailed client contract we ask everyone to review carefully.

Fees may be adjusted based on client location or more or less challenging situations. You will be made aware of this before booking.

We appreciate that you appreciate our time. Please note our cancellation and last minute scheduling policies. If sitter was already en route for a visit you wish to cancel, full visit charge applies.