We offer a broad range of services within a 30 mile radius of  Columbus, Ohio; unless hosting your furry family member, as we accept guests from all over! Also, unlike the national chains, we don’t nickel and dime you with fees for more potty breaks, walks, special snacks/treats, play and cuddle time! We are also bonded and insured and believe this is ESSENTIAL for professional and responsible pet sitters; someone to whom you’re giving the key to your home/your alarm code and someone that you are trusting to take good care of your furry family member. 

We offer transportation services for veterinarian, grooming, pet boarding and community outings.

Also, did you lock yourself out? If we keep your key in our lockbox, we can come and let you in for a small fee; less than a locksmith!  However, if it is after 9pm and before 9am, cost will double; possibly still less than a locksmith! Please call for this service, perhaps repeatedly, as we may be sleeping!

Hamilton Lakes neighbor discounts: Very close by, within 3 miles, 10% off! Within 1 mile, 15% off!!

Hosting your furry family member in the comfort of our home: big yard, 6ft fence, alone or with other guests (ramp for SENIORS and SMALL DOGS with separate fenced in areas), lots of human interaction and love. Individual sleeping and eating areas as well as bowls and beds provided.

Please contact us for more information re: hosting your furry family member. See gallery for pictures of our home and our set up.


Your pet must also get along well with other  dogs, kids, and cats. We will have a meet and greet and a mandatory two night trial stay at a 50% off discounted rate (which means we DO NOT take last minute reservations for pets we do not know) to assess appropriateness for longer stays;  no incontinence, destructive behaviors, or fleas. Pets will be considered on a case by case basis as we want this to be the right match for everyone! If we find that your pet has fleas, we will clearly document this and schedule immediate grooming and treatment, at your expense. Current clients that use us for daily dog walks or vacation home visits are able to schedule overnights with us based on appropriateness.

Our home has air conditioning and ceiling fans.  We have pergo flooring in the main area.  We have carpet in the bedrooms.  Pets can sometimes sleep with us, or be crated or closed off behind a gate, depending on their usual habits and our other guests’ needs. See the gallery for photos!

Dogs that are not neutered or spayed will not be accepted as guests.

Pet sitting in the comfort of your home- fresh water, feed, bathroom break, love and play for your pet (with house check services included).

In pet home, $60/3 well timed visits Per day (includes up to 2 pets): includes 3 well timed 25-30 minute drop-in visits.

Additional pet, $5 each visit. Less than 24 hour notice incurs $10 service charge.

Staying overnight at your house, caring for your pets and house sitting: $115/night. We arrive anywhere from 5pm-7pm and depart anywhere from 7am-9am, depending on other sits. Continuous GPS tracking. Includes 3 pets, each additional pet $5. This service also includes one well timed midday visit without charge.

Drop-In Visits:

Cat Care, $20/visit (includes up to 2 cats):  fresh food and water, litter box cleaning, love and play. 25-30 minutes usually spent. We do not do every other day cat visits, only every day for your cat’s health and safety. Each additional cat beyond 2, $5/each.

We will also install a cat door in your home for $125; we will provide the cat door and all necessary tools/materials.

Dog care/walks: 25-30 min- $20. All walks have add on fee of $5 per additional dog if more than one. Home visit includes 2 dogs for $20 rate.

Check in on on other pet (fish, bird, reptile, rabbit, etc)  $20/visit (includes up to 2 pets, situation dependent): fresh water, feed, bathroom break, love and play. 25-30 minutes usually spent.

One hour and one hour+ visits are available, please see our scheduling portal for rates.

House check, $20/visit: includes any requested tasks such as bringing in mail/packages, watering plants, opening/closing blinds, turning on/off lights, vacuuming and straightening up for showings if trying to sell, etc. Tasks not to exceed more than 30 minutes. Less than 24 hour notice incurs $10 charge.

Quick potty break/potty training OR litter box clean, $15/visit (includes 1 cat/dog): Sometimes we just need someone to pop in and make sure the dogs won’t be crossing their legs and crying by the time we get home late from work! Additional pet, $5/visit. This is *not* a substitute for regular AM/PM feed/water/bathroom/ play/medication visits that your pets need if you are traveling.

Additionally,  sometimes people who have limited mobility or women who are pregnant are unable to clean the litter box and we will be happy to do this for you.


25-30 Minute Walk: $20

45 Minute walk: $29

1 Hour walk: $38

Additional dog $5 and up, depending on size and demeanor.

Long distance transportation fees will be $.89/mile plus an hourly rate of  $22. Hourly rate and mileage will be calculated by google maps, thus traffic delays/re-routing or other unforeseen circumstances will not affect quoted cost. Each additional pet will add only  $.10 to mileage rate, up to 4 total, depending on size. We have purchased a 2012 Mazda5 for your pet to be transported in style and comfort! We can also pick up food, litter, pet toys, etc. at the store for the same rate-just ask! Animals will be secured in kennels.

To have us pick up or return your pet for hosting in our home,  $15 each way.

Holidays have an add on fee per visit.*

Holidays include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter,  Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Indigenous People/Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

*See portal client contract for more specifics. 

We appreciate that you appreciate our time, please also see our cancellation and last minute scheduling policies in our client contract. 

*fees may be adjusted based on client location or more or less challenging situations. You will be made aware of this before booking.